Cybriant Named to 2018 MSSP Alert Top 100 Managed Security Services Providers List

Cybriant Named to 2018 MSSP Alert Top 100 Managed Security Services Providers List

Stop 100 msspsecond Annual List Honors Leading MSSPs & Cybersecurity Companies That Safeguard Customers’ Digital Assets

Alpharetta, GA – September 17, 2018 – MSSP Alert, published by After Nines Inc., has named Cybriant to the Top 100 MSSPs list for 2018 (http://www.MSSPAlert.com/top100).

The list and research identify and honor the top 100 managed security services providers (MSSPs) that specialize in comprehensive, outsourced cybersecurity services.

The Top 100 MSSP rankings are based on MSSP Alert’s 2018 readership survey combined with aggregated third-party research. MSSPs featured throughout the list and research proactively monitor, manage and mitigate cyber threats for businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

“Cybriant is pleased to be named among the top 100 MSSPs in a competitive market that has thousands of service providers,” said Jeff Uhlich, CEO, Cybriant. “Our effective performance delivering complete detection and response services to reduce and mitigate cyber risk is providing real value for our clients and is expressed in the consistent growth of our business.”

Cybriant was recently named one of Atlanta’s fastest growing private companies as part of the Atlanta Business Chronicle Pacesetter Awards. They also named one of Atlanta’s “Best Places to Work” award.

Building and operating a true MSSP requires major financial, technical and business commitments. Fully 63 percent of top MSSPs surveyed maintain their own security operations centers (SOCs) on a 24x7x365 basis. Another 24 percent depend on hybrid models in which some SOC services are outsourced, with the remaining 13 percent either formulating strategies or completely outsourcing their SOC services.

Demand for MSSPs has escalated amid rising cyberattacks, malware and ransomware incidents worldwide. The cybersecurity skills shortage has further heightened the need for world-class MSSPs. The global managed security services market is expected to skyrocket to $101 billion in the next nine years, advancing at an eye-popping 18% compound annual growth rate, according to Persistence Market Research.

“After Nines Inc. and MSSP Alert congratulate Cybriant on this year’s honor,” said Amy Katz, CEO of After Nines Inc. “As MSPs increasingly introduce managed security services, Cybriant continues to stand out in the fiercely competitive cybersecurity market.”

The Top 100 MSSPs list and research were overseen by Content Czar Joe Panettieri (@JoePanettieri). Find the online list and associated report here: http://www.MSSPAlert.com/top100.

About Cybriant

Cybriant assists companies in making informed business decisions and sustaining effectiveness in the design, implementation, and operation of their cyber risk management programs. We deliver a comprehensive and customizable set of strategic and managed cybersecurity services. These services include Risk Assessments and vCISO, 24/7 Managed SIEM with LIVE Monitoring, Analysis and Response, 24/7 Managed EDR, 24/7 Real-Time Vulnerability Scanning, and Patch Management. We make enterprise-grade cyber security strategy and tactics accessible to the Mid-Market and beyond. Find out more at http://www.cybriant.com or call 844-411-0404.

 About After Nines Inc.

After Nines Inc. provides timeless IT guidance for strategic partners and IT security professionals across ChannelE2E (www.ChannelE2E.com) and MSSP Alert (www.MSSPAlert.com).  ChannelE2E tracks every stage of the IT service provider journey — from entrepreneur to exit. MSSP Alert is the global voice for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs).

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Cybriant CEO responds to AlienVault acquisition

Cybriant CEO responds to AlienVault acquisition

AlienVault recently announced that they have agreed to be acquired by AT&T. See what Cybriant CEO, Jeff Uhlich, has to say about the AlienVault acquisition and how it will affect Cybriant clients and partners. 

Cybriant CEO responds to AlienVault acquisition

July 12, 2018 – Alpharetta, GA – Cybriant CEO, Jeff Uhlich, today responded to the recent announcement that AlienVault is being acquired by AT&T.

According to the announcement, “AT&T to Acquire AlienVault”:

The acquisition of AlienVault will enable AT&T to expand its enterprise-grade security solutions portfolio and offerings to millions of small and medium-sized businesses. AlienVault’s innovative technology and security talent will help accelerate AT&T’s vision of enabling organizations of all sizes with effective cybersecurity solutions.

According to a 2017 study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, more than 61 percent of small and medium-sized businesses have been breached in the last 12 months, up from 55 percent in 2016.

“Regardless of size or industry, businesses today need cyber threat detection and response technologies and services,” said Thaddeus Arroyo, CEO, AT&T Business. “The current threat landscape has shifted this from a luxury for some, to a requirement for all.”

“As a highly aligned AlienVault MSSP, global implementation partner, and certified training partner,” says Jeff Uhlich CEO of Cybriant, “We are excited for our friends at AlienVault and observe this acquisition as strong validation of their vision, team, and technology.  Cybriant has and will continue to champion USM Anywhere as the most effective SIEM platform to serve the security needs of Mid-Market and SMB organizations.”

About Cybriant

Cybriant assists companies in making informed business decisions and sustaining effectiveness in the design, implementation, and operation of their cyber risk management programs. We deliver a comprehensive and customizable set of strategic and managed cybersecurity services which address the entire security landscape. These services include risk assessments and planning, 24/7 Managed SIEM with LIVE Security MonitoringManaged EDR, Real-time Vulnerability Scanning, and Patch Management.  We make enterprise-grade cybersecurity strategy and tactics accessible to the Mid-Market and beyond.


In The News: Cybriant’s PREtect Combines People, Processes And Technologies To Deliver An Effective Cyber-Security Program

In The News: Cybriant’s PREtect Combines People, Processes And Technologies To Deliver An Effective Cyber-Security Program

Cybriant CTO, Andrew Hamilton, was recently interviewed about PREtect. Read the full article here.

UPDATE: PREtect has been rebranded to CybriantXDR. Read more here: https://cybriant.com/cybriant-xdr/

Cybriant’s PREtect Combines People, Processes, And Technologies To Deliver An Effective Cyber-Security Program

Cybriant provides cyber risk management and cybersecurity services to companies of any size. They have recently released a new PREtect product suite, an integrated stack of managed security services designed to reduce exposure to the most common and voluminous cyber threats. The PREtect service provides a comprehensive solution incorporating people, processes, and technologies to deliver a solid foundation for an effective cyber risk management program in an affordable manner.

Below is our interview with Andrew Hamilton, CTO at Cybriant:


Q: What was your inspiration for creating PREtect?

A: Over and over, even in the most resourced enterprises, we see security failures arising from what we dub poor environmental hygiene; unpatched systems, poorly informed personnel, slow response to known vulnerabilities. The Equifax breach and the Wannacry attack are two classic examples of the consequences of these failures, and the type of incidents PREtect is designed to thwart.

PREtect accomplishes this by addressing five key fundamental elements. Continuous training of employees to strengthen awareness and skills in identifying malicious behavior. Continuous vulnerability management to minimize the time to discovery of technical vulnerabilities within the environment. Consistent patch management to responsively eliminate technical vulnerabilities once they are identified. Continuous monitoring and management of endpoint security to stop attacks from spreading to the enterprise. Vigilant security monitoring of critical assets to detect persistent threat actors before they can do harm. Combined and effectively performed, these services can greatly shrink the threat landscape any and every business faces.

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Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: Any company that is connected to the internet and needs to properly implement a cyber risk management program, or at minimum reduce its risk of becoming the victim of an attack.

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Q: What size business could benefit from PREtect?

A: Business size is somewhat inconsequential. The question is how can a business most effectively and affordably address this business need? For most businesses utilizing a service delivered by experienced professionals will be more functionally effective, and will cost less in time and money then trying to build, manage, and maintain these capabilities in-house.

Find out more about PREtect: https://www.cybriant.com/pretect/


In The News: Cybriant’s PREtect Combines People, Processes And Technologies To Deliver An Effective Cyber-Security Program

Cybriant in the News – Into the Breach: Meeting the Cybersecurity Challenge

Cybriant was recently featured in an article on it.toolbox.com. See the original post here.

Maintaining network security is the greatest challenge facing the IT industry today. The threat landscape is complex and ever-changing, which leads many organizations to devote a large portion of their technology budget to hardening their defenses against cyber threats. Since many vectors of attack focus on known and unknown software flaws and hardware deficiencies, it’s impossible to make any network completely secure against every type of intrusion.

The good news is that there are a number of ways that businesses can protect their data and ensure that critical systems can withstand any potential breach. To do so requires a comprehensive approach from the user level, all the way up to datacenters and cloud services. By guarding against the most common types of attacks and preparing for recovery in the event of an incident, IT managers can thwart many threats and provide business continuity at all times. Here are the steps that should be taken.

End-User Training

Employees and network end-users are commonly targeted by hackers as a means of gaining entry into business networks. This is largely because of a lack of clearly stated security policies for them to follow, or a general misunderstanding of how their actions can impact the network as a whole. In order to prevent employees from being exploited, they need to be made aware of the kinds of security threats they may encounter. In general, they should be taught to spot and report incidents of:

  • Fraudulent Emails
  • Phishing websites and phone calls
  • Unsafe downloads
  • Browser Hijacks

A well-educated user base can help to prevent unauthorized access to business systems and reduce the whole network’s exposure to malware and ransomware infiltration. They can be the first, best line of defense against cyber threats of all kinds.

Network Monitoring

Since even well-trained employees will still occasionally make mistakes, and other vulnerabilities will always exist, it’s essential to monitor all systems to detect and respond to potential problems. This kind of undertaking can quickly overwhelm an IT department, though. It’s worthwhile to engage a professional monitoring company to handle the workload.

Companies like Cybriant have the dedicated monitoring infrastructure and expertise to make sure that all endpoints, servers, and network hardware are never left unprotected. It’s a comprehensive approach that analyzes network traffic, monitors system event logs, and checks for known hardware and software vulnerabilities. IT staff have access to a threat management console and are alerted to potential trouble so they can respond appropriately.

Business Grade Backup

If all else fails, it’s crucial to have reliable data and system backups to be able to recover from an attack. This is the best way to prevent long-term damage that can cripple a business. Network servers and workstations should be backed up as often as is practicable, based on the needs of the specific business. It’s a good idea to have bare-metal restore capability for any business-critical systems so that any compromised machine can be restored in whole with a single process. This eliminates the need for time-consuming rebuilds of affected hardware.

Meeting the Challenge

By taking these steps to protect a network, IT managers can rest a little bit easier, knowing that they’ve applied a top-to-bottom approach to security. It’s impossible to know exactly how threats will evolve in the coming years, but it’s a safe bet that these preventative measures will still be effective for a long time to come. The future of their businesses may depend on it.


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Five essential cyber risk management services integrated into an affordable, flexible, subscription-based model.

In The News: Cybriant – Cybersecurity Solutions Designed Specifically For Mid-Market Companies

In The News: Cybriant – Cybersecurity Solutions Designed Specifically For Mid-Market Companies

Cybriant CEO Jeff Uhlich was recently interviewed by Superb Crew about cybersecurity in the mid-market and how Cybriant answers those needs.

Read the full interview here: https://www.superbcrew.com/cybriant-cybersecurity-solutions-designed-specifically-for-mid-market-companies/

Cybriant – Cybersecurity Solutions Designed Specifically For Mid-Market Companies

Cybriant is a pure play cybersecurity company with services designed specifically for the needs and budgets of Mid Market companies. Cybriant has thorough expertise in technologies they use to deliver their services providing tailored business-based strategies and technical solutions. Below is our interview with Jeff Uhlich, CEO of Cybriant:


Q: Who are the primary users of Cybriant and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: Our clients stretch from New Zealand to Croatia, but 95% of our business is US based Fortune 2000 entities with concentrations in financial services, retail, higher education, and state and local governments. The key challenge we help our target customers address is enabling them to affordably deploy leading security tools and tactics. It starts with our ability to help them develop a business-based strategy for their security investments and a framework upon which they can mature their program over time. Next, we can provide them technical solutions to strengthen their program but optionally we can deliver these as services if they do not have the resources or expertise to manage the solutions themselves. Lastly, we can provide them with training for technical certifications or employee security awareness.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your vCISO and Managed SIEM services?

A: The vCISO or virtual CISO service is a cornerstone of our Strategic Services designed to provide executive level guidance in establishing security best practices as well as functional leadership in implementing security program components on a fixed engagement basis. Our Managed SIEM service is a cornerstone of our Adaptive Solutions in which we fully manage or co-manage our clients’ SIEM and security monitoring. SIEMs are complex tools requiring expertise to derive real value from the technology, our fully managed service delivers the value in an easy to implement and afford manner that helps achieve compliance requirements while providing the vigilant oversight a sound security program needs.

Q: What is unique about Cybriant and how does it stand out from competition?

A: There are many VARs that sell security products, and there are many MSPs attempting to sell limited security services, but security is not the core focus of these companies. We evaluate new security technology almost daily. We have deep expertise in the technologies we utilize to deliver our services, in fact we are professional service delivery partners for many of these vendors. This combination of awareness and working knowledge means we can truly deliver on that worn adage of being a trusted advisor. We prefer trusted partner.

Cybriant_ProcessQ: What are your plans for next four months?

A: Continue to add capacity to our Managed SIEM services through automation which will increase efficiencies. Evaluate IDM technologies to extend our capabilities in this area.

Q: What are the main challenges of developing cyber-security solutions right now?

A: The main challenge to developing and delivering solutions is the constraint on qualified resources. A comparable challenge is cutting through the market noise to gain audience with prospective customers when you have an innovative solution or service.