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Risk Assessments that Help Protect Your Business and Meet Compliance Standards

Risk Assessment

Our Cyber Risk Assessment is a required step when determining the needs or success of your security program. Following NIST guidelines our risk experts perform interviews, documentation analysis, and
walkthrough of physical areas to determine the state of the security program of the client. 

Gap Analysis

Our Gap Analysis is critical when you are in need of identifying any deficiencies between your security program and a specific regulation or framework. Our experts will identify the minimum necessary
adjustments your company must make in order to comply with said regulation. 

Penetration Testing

Our Pen Tests are necessary for organizations that have a compliance need, or that have a concern of a specified system, or are within the monitoring phase of an overarching security program. With Cybriant’s Pen Test, a professional hacker attempts to exploit a technical vulnerability to gain unauthorized access to specified systems.

Our Risk Assessment Services help you find any security gaps.

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“Cybriant’s security risk assessment delivered the value I hoped to receive, a complete and concise document detailing what we needed to address and what our security priorities should be.

The assessment also provided an outside objective validation of our security needs which has aided our business leadership in making appropriate investments in our security program.”

Ben Krichko
VP of Information Technology
Sotheby’s – Atlanta Fine Homes

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