Automated Penetration Testing

Accurate and Affordable Network Penetration Testing Service

Cybriant’s Automated Penetration Testing service allows your organization to meet compliance and check for vulnerabilities. Using automated methods, we are able to quickly evaluate the security risks in your system. By providing a comprehensive report, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about your security posture.

Automated Pen Testing Benefits

Compliance Ready


Manual Metholodies

Experienced & Certified Security Experts

Penetration Test Features

Open Source Intelligence Gathering – Using information from the public Internet to contribute to a successful attack against the environment, including employee names, email addresses, etc.

Host Discovery – Performing discovery of systems and services within the environment targeted, including active systems and port scanning.

Enumeration – Enumeration of services and systems to identify potentially valuable information, including vulnerability analysis.

Exploitation – Using information gathered from OSINT, host discovery, and enumeration, our Pen Test also launches attacks against vulnerable services, including password-based attacks, man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks, relay attacks, and more.

Post-Exploitation – After gaining an initial foothold on a system, Cybriant automatically attempts to launch privilege escalation attacks. New attack avenues will also be analyzed to determine if more access to the environment or sensitive data could be established.

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