Cybriant /sī-brint/:

The state of being cyber resilient

About Us

Cybriant is a leading provider of cybersecurity services that enables companies of all sizes to reduce and manage cyber risk. Over the past 7 years, we have served over 1400 clients around the globe delivering a comprehensive portfolio of managed security services and consultant advisory services. These services empower organizations to strategically and functionally address real threats to their business operations and reputations.

One thing is certain, we live and conduct commerce in an ever-evolving digital landscape with determined and nimble bad actors seeking to exploit any and all weakness. To effectively combat this threat requires a vigilant and agile effort. At Cybriant we utilize best of breed technologies and tactics to secure our clients. Our tools and processes continually adapt to counter emerging threats and threat actors.

Who We Serve

Any business that must meet compliance regulations for information security. Any business that has access to the private personal information of their clients.  Any business that creates or possesses proprietary information or intellectual property.  Any business whose customers are publicly traded companies. Any business that could fail if its reputation were compromised or if it suffered an unexpected financial loss.

“Cybriant has been instrumental in assisting us with leveraging SIEM architectures for global deployments. The company’s staff, including everyone from engineering to management roles, are great people with a tremendous amount of practical experience and knowledge in cyber security and applied technology space.

When partnering with Cybriant you are one step closer to your goal of being fully prepared to respond to any cybersecurity incident in a timely and effective manner.”

Director Global SOC

Global Claims Management Company

“Cybriant’s security risk assessment delivered the value I hoped to receive, a complete and concise document detailing what we needed to address and what our security priorities should be.

The assessment also provided an outside objective validation of our security needs which has aided our business leaders in making appropriate investments in our security program.”

VP of Information Technology

International Luxury Real Estate Company

“The resources I get from Cybriant are very knowledgeable and get my issues fixed. They have the experience to solve my immediate problem and can make recommendations on how to avoid similar issues in the future.”

Security Analyst

National Insurance Association

“Cybriant has been pivotal in supplying Managed Security Services to us and ensuring we have 24×7 monitoring and support. Response from Cybriant is always prompt and professional, and issues are remediated quickly.”

IT Services and Compliance Manager

Global Credit Bureau

“Cybriant has proven to be a reliable and knowledgeable partner in helping us manage our SIEM. They have been instrumental in keeping our SIEM performing optimally and helping us leverage its capabilities to the fullest.”

Director of Information Technology

Regional Electric Utility Company

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