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Cyber Risk Management Services

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data breach report

2019 Data Breach Report

The 2019 Data Breach Report is available now and you’ll be surprised at the numbers so far this year. Unfortunately, the numbers are growing by the day. 

managed soc services

The CEO’s Guide to Managed SOC Services

As the CEO, consider Managed SOC Services to protect your organization. The security of your organization is only as strong as the team, regulations, tools, and services you approve.


Cybriant Announces Vice President of Sales, Southeast Region

Cybriant, a leader in cybersecurity services, is pleased to announce that Don Privitera has been named Vice President of Sales, Southeast Region.

data in motion

Cyber Security Best Practices for Protecting Data in Motion

Data in Motion (DiM) is any information that moves across a wire to a new location. Here are the top cyber security best practices when dealing with DiM.

phishing statistics

2019 Email Phishing Statistics and How to Avoid Becoming One

Here are the latest phishing statistics from 2019. As we learned in the recent Capital One data breach, many cybersecurity attacks begin from within. 

capital one data breach

Capital One Data Breach: Importance of Cybersecurity Basics

By now you’ve heard of the Capital One Data Breach that happened on July 29, 2019 where a hacker gained access to 100 million Capital One credit card applications and accounts. Read more about the thoughts from Cybriant’s Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Hamilton.

2019 atlanta business chronicle pacesetter

Cybriant named 2019 Atlanta Business Chronicle Pacesetter

Cybriant named 2019 Atlanta Business Chronicle Pacesetter, 2nd Year to Receive Prestigious Award

stronger passwords

Cybersecurity Basics: Four Methods for Creating Stronger Passwords

If you are incorporating cybersecurity standards in your organizations, you must start with a framework. In addition, your users should understand how to create a stronger password. 

cyber security solutions

Cyber Security Solutions Every Organization Needs

Is your organization using these cyber security solutions? These are the basic tools and services that many companies are using to protect their assets.

Why is EDR Important? Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

Why is EDR important? It’s a question each organization will need to answer for themselves. Take a look at the top reason you may consider adding managed EDR to your security strategy.