Stop Advanced Threats at the Endpoint

Prevent Malware from Executing with Managed Detection and Remediation (MDR)




Our expert security analysts monitor and record all the events that occur on your endpoints. Our team focuses on relevant threats that attempt data exfiltration or modification.

When files attempt to execute these suspicious processes an alert is triggered and the attack is halted in real-time.



When a credible threat is detected, our system will retrieve the process history and our team will analyze the chain of events in real-time and determine the validity of the threat.

You’ll receive the alerts when threats are detected along with advice and insight from our cyber security team to help you mitigate and respond to the threat.



Once identified, the malicious activity is immediately stopped in its tracks and our team guides you through the remediation. This remediation process provides astonishing insight into the data of the threat.

You’ll be able to help your organization reduce their attack surface by learning how you’ve been compromised.

Antivirus isn’t enough to protect your endpoints. 

The fact is that cyberattacks on endpoints are increasing rapidly in complexity and numbers. With digitization continuing to transform industries, devices in huge numbers are likely to be compromised. 

To mitigate the risk of compromised systems, you need immediate response, enhanced security tools, and a team of experts on your side that can guide you through the entire remediation process.

Annihilate the Threat in its Tracks

Not only does MDR from Cybriant help reduce the time between breach and detection, we can also help stop the threat before it can fully execute.

Our experts utilize a static AI engine to provide pre-threat execution protection. The static AI engine replaces traditional signatures and obviates recurring scans that kill end-user productivity.

By tracking all processes, our team is able to detect malicious activities, and use behavioral AI technology to respond at top speed. We can detect and stop file-based malware, scripts, weaponized documents, lateral movement, file-less malware, and even zero-days.

Remediate and Respond to the Threat

With MDR from Cybriant, our security analysts monitor your endpoints 24/7 and filter out false positives. You’ll receive the alerts when relevant threats are detected along with advice and insight from our cyber security team to help you mitigate and respond to the threat.

As an extension of your team, our experts will investigate, triage, and remediate security events and provide executive-level reporting. Remediation may reveal dormant or trojan threat actors that evade network and endpoint detection solutions. Our MDR solution includes leveraging the talents of our experienced team as well as next-generation antivirus and EDR tools that utilize AI.

The MDR service from Cybriant will allow you to protect your organization’s data and reduce your threat landscape against the most advanced threats.  

Questions about MDR from Cybriant?

Why Outsource MDR to Cybriant?

Full Lifecycle Protection from Early Detection to Remediation

Combining automated processes and technologies with expert, field-seasoned cyber intelligence analysts, you’ll receive full-spectrum protection from initial alert to security event remediation.

24/7 Continuous Monitoring

Rest assured that your endpoints are protected around the clock with our MDR service. We provide the forensic analysis, threat intelligence, and 24/7 protection.


Real-Time Threat Detection

By using AI technology, we have the ability to detect and prevent attacks before they can fully execute. When a threat is detected, we are able to contain and mitigate threats from all divers modes of attack.



When you work with Cybriant, we give you the insight and expertise to remediate any threats. This will help your organization reduce their attack surface by learning how you’ve been compromised.

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More Questions About MDR?

Why MDR? Immediate Benefits to You Include:


Predict and prevent cyber attacks before execution


Using only 1-2% CPU, end users don’t even know they have an endpoint security installed


Threat prevention on a local host without the need for an Internet connection


Clear line-of-sight into the activity on endpoints across an entire infrastructure


Reduce your attack surface by learning how you’ve been compromised

Managed Detection and Remediation Features


True Zero-Day Prevention


Script Management

Device Usage Policy Enforcement

AI Driven Malware Prevention

Application Control for Fixed-Function Devices

Memory Exploitation Detection and Prevention