How Can Managed Security Services Improve Your Business?

How Can Managed Security Services Improve Your Business?

Hackers are targeting your business. How can you stop them? Do you have a team of cyber security analysts to monitor your networks and ensure no bad guys are getting through? If not, consider Managed Security Services including Managed SIEM and/or Managed Detection and Response.

Improve Your Business with Managed Security Services

There are so many benefits of managed security services. Here are a few ways that outsourcing the management of your security monitoring could potentially improve your business:

Compliance Made Easy – Do you have stringent compliance requirements? Most companies do. A SIEM will help you meet the security logging requirements, but don’t stop there. When you outsource the management of a SIEM, you have the expertise of a team of security analysts watching your network around the clock.

Learn Where Attacks Come From – Insider threats are becoming more and more common. Understanding where cyber threats come from is vital cyber threats come from so you can understand how to alleviate them. Our MDR solution will help stop malware in its tracks when a user mistakenly clicks on a phishing link.

Managed SIEM

A managed SIEM solution logs all activity from systems, devices, and applications managed SIEM solution, all activity from systems, devices, and applications are logged in a central repository. Our team helps analyze potential threats that are identified and notify you when action needs to be taken. By tracking all processes, our team is able to detect malicious activities and use behavioral AI technology to respond at top speed.


We can detect and stop file-based malware, scripts, weaponized documents, lateral movement, file-less malware, and even zero-days.

Learn About Threats on Your Systems – Our MDR solution uses AI so when a credible threat is detected, our team will retrieve the process history and analyze the chain of events in real-time and determine the validity of the threat. Once identified, the malicious activity is immediately stopped in its tracks and our team guides you through the remediation. This remediation process provides astonishing insight into the data of the threat.

You’ll be able to help your organization reduce the attack surface by learning how you’ve been compromised.

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More Benefits of Managed Security Services

Executive Reporting and Compliance Reporting – While most SIEM solutions provide out-of-the-box reporting, they tend to leave much to be desired. Our managed SIEM team will provide custom reports based on your needs. No matter whether it’s HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, or any other compliance regulation, reporting is critical in today’s data-sensitive world. By using our Managed SIEM service, our team can apply constant vigilance on any security issues that may be problematic in terms of compliance.

Cyber Threat Remediation – Many IT departments are overwhelmed by the number of alerts that come in when attempting to manage a SIEM internally. When you outsource the management of your SIEM, our team will help reduce the number of false alerts, tune your SIEM so critical alerts are addressed immediately, and we’ll help you remediate the threat. Outsourcing security services will expand your team to an around-the-clock team of cybersecurity experts that will walk you through cyber threat remediation.

Specialist Expertise – The cybersecurity skills shortage is still rampant. By outsourcing the management of your SIEM, you are not only benefitting from SIEM technologies but also access to genuine cybersecurity expertise. Our team is immersed in cybersecurity threats daily and we are well-equipped to respond quickly and effectively to any threats.

Customer Confidence Equifax, Capital One, and so many others have hit the headlines with the unfortunate news of a breach. Customer confidence is lower than ever after these attacks. Many small companies go out of business after a major cyber attack. When you work with an experienced company with an excellent reputation, like Cybriant, you show your customers that you take the security of their data seriously.

If you aren’t ready to jump into a managed service, consider our Incident Response and Containment service. When you are attacked, you’ll have a team of experts ready to respond and remediate.

Why use a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) for your cybersecurity?

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The CEO’s Guide to Managed SOC Services

The CEO’s Guide to Managed SOC Services

As the CEO, consider Managed SOC Services to protect your organization. The security of your organization is only as strong as the team, regulations, tools, and services you approve.

What are Managed SOC Services?

Cybersecurity needs vary from organization to organization and are implemented per structural cybersecurity priorities and risk tolerance. Most managed SOC services will manage an incident from detection to remediation; others will focus on supporting and coordinating incident responders and handling incident response communication — e.g., status updates and third-party communication.”

Managed SOC services provide 24/7 proactive security monitoring, vulnerability management, and incident response and remediation. This is especially attractive for businesses that are attacked frequently but do not have the resources of large enterprises.

With the flexible commercial models and deployment options, Managed SOC Services are a cost-effective way for organizations to leverage all the benefits of a SOC without incurring the significant overheads and outlay associated with building and deploying their in-house security center.

The suite of Managed SOC services delivers information security monitoring, incident response, and vulnerability management services that are essential to counter the sophisticated threats of today.

When you outsource the management of a SOC to an MSSP like Cybriant, your organization can quickly improve its cyber security defense without spending exorbitantly on additional infrastructure or keeping a large team of expensive security experts.

How to Meet the Guidelines for the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Continuous Monitoring with Managed SOC Services

An outsourced team of security experts provides 24/7 continuous monitoring of your environment. This team investigates all incidents that appear to be suspicious and takes immediate remedial action if malicious activity is detected.

24×7 security monitoring utilizing leading Security Information and Event

  • Management Systems (SIEM).
  • Monitoring of firewall, IDS, anti-virus and operating system logs, and any other sources of security events.
  • Going beyond the SIEM and other deployed technology and actively searching for breaches (Premium Service).
  • Threat detection and rapid incident remediation (Premium Service).

Threat Intelligence

Security analysts and researchers augment third-party intelligence feeds with threat information generated internally. Additionally, they filter data to highlight specific threats relevant to Managed SOC services customers and their business interests. Threat intelligence plays a critical role in enhancing the detection capability of outsourced cybersecurity monitoring.

Incident Response & Forensics of Managed SOC services

Upon detecting a breach, a member of the Managed SOC Services team will launch incident remediation measures in close coordination with the customer’s IT, team, working to contain the threat whilst ensuring minimal disruption to business activity. This is followed by a thorough incident response and forensic analysis exercise to determine the root cause, eradicate the breach and improve defenses to prevent occurrences of similar breaches in the future.

Here are 3 Benefits of an Incident Response Plan

When you work with a Managed Detection & Remediation team like Cybriant, you can control a breach and remediate it as needed.

Vulnerability Management

An outsourced Managed SOC services team detects vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure using cutting-edge technology. This team will remediate vulnerabilities to minimize their risk exposure.

  • Continuous vulnerability assessment.
  • Vulnerability tracking & prioritization.
  • Vulnerability remediation.

Ongoing Improvement of Security Posture

Acts as advisor and helps you continuously improve security posture by helping the company define better policies and processes.

Compliance with Applicable Security Standards and Regulations

By working with an MSSP, they can help you achieve compliance with standards and regulations such as HIPAA and PCI DSS. Managed SOC services offer continuous vulnerability management and improvement of security posture to help you meet or exceed the requirements of these regulations.

Low Total Cost of Ownership of Security Technology

Security requires investing in an array of software and tools and operating them in an integrated fashion. Our security operations team has a system of over 30 security tools and applications to secure networks and critical data, saving you the cost and effort. An outsourced model saves you significantly in product license and support costs.

Benefits of Managed SOC Services:

  • Continuous insight into the company perimeter is the only way to effectively manage and respond to threats.
  • Real-time strategic insight into risk by certified professionals.
  • Streamlined processes for continuous monitoring and deeper assessment.
  • Preemptively mitigate risk by minimizing vulnerability exploitation time-frames.

Types of Security Assessments

  • Security review of organizational security strategy, governance approach, policies, standards, risk management, and staff awareness.
  • Technical security review of IT infrastructure, networks, architectures, systems, security procedures, and physical security.
  • Combination of both.

Security Strategy and Roadmap

Once a security assessment has been completed it can form the basis for a security strategy.  A security strategy outlines a prioritized plan of action for improving the security posture. Many times we may recommend our managed SIEM services which will help your organization honestly acknowledge the specific risks and challenges and provide a pragmatic approach to managing them. Our systems analysts can focus and coordinate efforts to provide a logical strategic structure that contains three elements: a diagnosis, a guiding policy, and an action plan. This approach is focused on ensuring that you become resilient against an ever-changing threat landscape and that ultimately the organization’s core business operations are protected.

We recommend starting with a cybersecurity framework like NIST that will help you avoid the common mistake of broad ambiguous security goals, ambitions, and vision and instead focus efforts on a set of coherent strategic objectives and implementable actions.

By identifying the state of security, Cybriant will work with you to agree on the right target state to optimize security and develop a prioritized roadmap to achieve it.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework


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