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Prevent Malware from Executing with Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Is Managed EDR Right for You?Download: Prevention vs. Detection and Response

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response uses artificial intelligence to stop advanced threats and malware at the most vulnerable point – the endpoint.

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The underlying technology for Cybriant’s EDR service is the only technology that stops over 99% of advanced threats and malware before they can execute to cause harm. It completely eliminates the need for legacy antivirus software, anti-exploit products, whitelisting solutions, and host-based intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Cybriant uses a “prevention-first” technology – we stop attacks before they cause harm, vs allowing attacks to happen, then clean up the mess.  By reducing the number of endpoint security products deployed on the endpoint, customers gain operational efficiencies by not having to manage signatures, policies, or deployments of additional protection.

Cybriant’s Managed EDR can help eliminate legacy endpoint security technology that are not effective against today’s threat problems, thus improving cost savings and management overhead. The technology was tested by HIPAA security assessors and found to be significantly superior to any other antivirus or anti-malware product in finding malicious software.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Features


True Zero-Day Prevention

Device Usage Policy Enforcement

AI Driven Malware Prevention

Memory Exploitation Detection and Prevention


Script Management

Application Control for Fixed-Function Devices

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Why Managed EDR? Immediate Benefits to You Include:


Predict and prevent cyber attacks before execution


Using only 1-2% CPU, end users don’t even know they have an endpoint security installed


Threat prevention on a local host without the need for an Internet connection


Clear line-of-sight into the activity on endpoints across an entire infrastructure


Reduce your attack surface by learning how you’ve been compromised

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