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If you want to keep your business network online, investing in 24/7 security monitoring is a great option. Here's what you need to know. Read More

One of the biggest threats a business in the United States could face is a cyberattack. According to the “Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2022”, many businesses consider a cyber threat as more dangerous than either the pandemic or skills shortages.

If you would like to avoid losing thousands of dollars paying a ransom, then you’ll need to beef up your security measures. 24/7 security monitoring is one way to protect against cyber threats.

Here’s what you need to know about continuous security monitoring and how you can benefit from it.

What is 24/7 Security Monitoring?

Without going too much into detail, 24/7 monitoring means that someone is always managing your security and is available to talk with. You never have to worry about something happening in the middle of the night while you’re asleep. Someone or something is constantly monitoring your systems.

Some of the ways this is accomplished are through:

  • Network monitoring
  • SIEM
  • Endpoint monitoring
  • Router Monitoring

For example, router monitoring identifies network activities. It can then optimize your bandwidth allocation while simultaneously tracking any unknown or unauthorized access.

Additionally, a network security provider will also utilize a cybersecurity maturity model to assess your cybersecurity readiness. They’ll then implement plans and tools to fill in those gaps in your security.

24/7 Cyber Security Benefits

Constant security monitoring brings multiple benefits to your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up or if you have a thousand employees. Not only do you get access to professional help at all times, but service providers can also connect you with top-of-the-line security systems to keep your network safe.

Phone and Live Support

First of all, 24/7 security monitoring means constant access to a phone and live support service. If something ever happens to your network, you have a number you can call for immediate help.

You don’t have to worry about which manufacturer to contact or where the problem is coming from. The right MSP is already hooked up to your systems and can even detect a network abnormality as soon as it happens.

This is especially helpful because it’s not limited to situations regarding cybersecurity. Even something as simple as getting locked out of your system could mean delaying work for a few hours without help.

Cyber Attack Monitoring

One benefit you can expect is for the service provider to monitor for cyberattacks. However, it’s not always a person sitting behind a computer and keeping track of your network traffic. Instead, it happens with the help of an automated software or hardware platform.

This technology analyzes your traffic patterns to look for any abnormalities or potentially malicious activity. If it spots anything unusual, it alerts a network administrator and your security team.

Your security team will take a look at the flag to determine if it’s a real threat or not. That’s where the human element comes into play. They can then decide how they want to approach the issue or dismiss it if it’s nothing.

Automated Threat Intelligence

Even though your security systems often work behind the scenes, they still need constant updating and maintenance. Not only are automated cyberattacks commonplace these days, but their developers are always updating them to bypass your countermeasures.

The best 24/7 security monitoring should come with a threat intelligence program that is always adapting to potential threats.

For example, newer forms of ransomware can gain access to your systems through phishing emails. Your security software should be able to both recognize potentially harmful emails as well as circumvent the threats if they’re unleashed.


Something else you want out of your security measures is for them to be scalable. This is helpful for a few different reasons.

First, your business most likely wants to grow over time. That will mean more employees with more computers and smart technology that needs to be protected.

Second, 24/7 security monitoring allows you to deploy newer technologies and upgrades more easily. You can perform these updates late at night and get assistance from your service provider. They’ll also monitor your upgrades to see if they’re working as intended.

And lastly, it’s easier to upgrade your security systems in the future since you won’t need to change service providers.

Quick Response

In the rare situation where you’ve suffered a data breach or worse, you can expect your cyber security system to respond quickly and efficiently. There’s a very good chance not only that they’ve noticed the problem before you but that they also have systems set in place to recover and secure your data.

Additionally, customers get access to an entire team of experts who are dedicated to their organization’s safety.

Intrusion Prevention and Detection Systems

Keeping your network safe means using both intrusion prevention and detection systems.

The prevention systems act as an additional layer of defense behind your standard firewall. It should turn away potential network threats that could harm your systems.

Meanwhile, detection systems find and contain threats that have made it through the prior systems. These work to mitigate damage and clean up the mess.

Protect the Entire Technology Ecosystem

Finally, investing in 24/7 security monitoring can help you maintain your entire technology ecosystem. It’s not uncommon for businesses to utilize multiple pieces of technology in their daily operations. In fact, many businesses are building themselves around what they call a “smart ecosystem.”

Your security monitoring systems look at everything that accesses your network. That includes your various endpoints as well as your cloud data.

Keep Your Network Online and Secure

Have you considered investing in 24/7 security monitoring for your business? Even though it costs extra, it’ll reduce your overall stress and help keep your network online at all times. You’ll also gain access to an IT team you can trust.

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