Cyber Risk Management Solutions

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Did you know you can prevent over 99% of malware before it can execute?

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Think beyond traditional antivirus and STOP malicious activity before it executes

Today’s advanced cyber threats target every computer and mobile device, including enterprise endpoints.

Simplifying your endpoint security stack while maintaining a secure environment can make your security efforts far more efficient. And when managed by Cybriant’s security team, much more effective.  With Cybriant’s Managed EDR, you get real-time predictive threat prevention combined with prevention-based detection and incident response. Built from the ground up to easily scale with your business, the solution delivers the following security functionality:

  • AI-driven malware prevention
  • Real-time memory protection
  • AI-driven root cause analysis
  • Integrated script and application control
  • Device usage policy enforcement
  • Enterprise-wide threat hunting
  • Dynamic threat detection
  • Automated incident response

Our approach is redefining endpoint security as proactive and preventive, rather than reactive. We want to relieve organizations of their longstanding worry about cyberattacks, and to encourage them to think about securing their infrastructure differently. Learn more today.


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