Managed Detection and Remediation (MDR)

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Managed Detection and Remediation Benefits

When you outsource the management of your Managed Detection and Remediation (MDR) to Cybriant, our security analysts are able to: 

  • Perform root cause analysis for any blocked threat or any other artifact deemed important found on an endpoint
  • Proactively search endpoints for signs of threats commonly referred to as threat hunting
  • Take decisive action when a security incident, or potential incident, is identified

Suspicious Activity Validation

Cybriant uses AI-based threat prevention, running locally on your endpoint, that has a field-proven record of preventing well over 99% of threats, both known and unknown, from executing on your endpoint, without signatures, cloud lookups, or significant impact on your endpoint.

Using AI, we can stop bad executables before they can hurt your business. Time is of the essence when it comes to a security incident. Our analysts can decisive action when a security incident is identified or a threat needs to be mitigated.

Do you have a way to detect malicious executables before they run, and if they are bad prevent them from executing?

How are you currently controlling how scripts are used in your environment?

Are you prepared to protect yourself from fileless malware attacks?

How are you protecting yourself from phishing attacks?

Are you prepared to defend your business against a malicious USB or an insider attempting to exfiltrate data?

How quickly can you respond to a security incident?

Stop Malicious Activity

Our analysts can immediately investigate any endpoint in your environment to determine if the activity is in fact malicious. Real attack data is an invaluable source of intelligence for your security team. Without deploying sandbox technology, our analysts can get a glimpse into the mind of the attacker and how they try to compromise your endpoint.

How do you validate suspicious activity on your endpoints?

Are you currently using your real attack data to improve your overall security posture?

Threat Hunting and Suspicious Activity Detection

Using AI, our analysts will stamp out a potential compromise before it has the chance to do harm. Along with a curated set of forensically relevant data on your endpoints, You also get script control, memory protection, application control and device usage management to block additional threat vectors.

What tools do you have in place to investigate endpoints?

Can you search historical information about your endpoints?

Are you able to use indicators of compromise to root out threats on your endpoints?

Do you have a way to detect threats automatically?

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