Security information and event management, or SIEM, is designed to provide the complete security visibility organizations need to detect threats, respond to incidents, and accelerate their compliance programs. SIEM software works by aggregating security-relevant data from your environment, and applying event correlation rules to identify relationships among those data. These event correlation rules (also known as policies or filters) help you identify patterns that signal threats, policy violations, and other exposures.

Although the primary budget driver for SIEM software is compliance, the primary way that SIEM software is used is to identify and investigate security incidents. Spotting attacks in real-time, or soon after, requires a combination of data sources, as well as the latest threat intelligence from experienced security researchers, such as Cybriant.

SIEM Requires Expertise

Once you have made the decision regarding your SIEM purchase, a key challenge is the skilled use of your SIEM tool. If you do not have the knowledge or expertise to utilize a SIEM correctly, your SIEM may not work optimally. We’ve heard complaints about an organization’s SIEM when it may the way it was implemented or managed on a daily basis.

To work at peak performance, your SIEM needs continuous visibility, which could be more of an investment in time that your organization may be ready for. Our Managed Security service offers:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Active event and incident correlation
  • Strategic Incident Response
  • Remediation Services

By moving the monitoring of your SIEM to an outside vendor like Cybriant, you will be able to expand your IT staff with security experts whose entire focus is security and compliance. This team will allocate time on a daily basis to effectively manage and monitor security infrastructure. We’ve already mastered all the capabilities needed to take full advantage of your SIEM implementation, let us take it over for you. We’ll continuously monitor, tune, and enhance your SIEM.

Most People Struggle with SIEM

We recently discussed that the average organization logs about 1,200 IT incidents per month, of which 5 will be critical. It is a challenge to wade through all the data generated by the events that lead to these incidents and prioritize dealing with them. In this survey, 70% say a past critical incident has caused reputational damage to their organization, underlining the importance of timely detection and to minimize impact.

Dealing with the volume of events generated by IT monitoring tools is a challenge.

52% say they just about manage, 13% struggle, and 1% are overwhelmed. Those with event management processes which enable them to easily manage the volume of events have a faster mean time to detect incidents and fewer duplicate and repeat incidents.

Two-thirds of those surveyed admit that dealing with the volume of events generated is a problem. Dealing with incidents distracts IT staff from other activities; beyond the IT department incidents impact business productivity and the customer experience.

Could you use a Hedgehog for your SIEM? 

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