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How Secure is the Cloud?

Managed Cloud Security

Cloud deployments may be private to private, private to public, or public to public.  All three models have challenges, but the hybrid model (private to public) is the most difficult model to secure.  The growth of enterprise collaboration, the use of personal devices, and the mobile workforce has resulted in the collapse of the traditional perimeter. Today, business users require access to applications, data and services both on-premises and in the cloud both on the road or at work. These users could be partners, employees, or customers whose broad privileges represent a serious security risk.

Protecting data in-flight against malicious and or unauthorized access from one location to the next is critical to avoid data theft.  Traditional security solutions are limited to protecting just the perimeter; this makes creating secure networks between clouds one of the most difficult challenges to overcome. The problem is further exacerbated by how virtual machines, servers, and virtual desktops have exploded in an exponential manner.  The traditional approach to managing networks, firewalls, and all of the devices in between doesn’t scale and guarantees downtime due to human error.  Furthermore, it leaves individual servers and virtual machines open to attack once malware or viruses have breached the perimeter.

Cybriant Managed Cloud Security can protect any cloud network by creating a software orchestrated secure overlay network.  This secure network plugs the holes in each device’s individual firewall and by default creates encrypted tunnels between each device to ensure applications and services are protected with secure communication even over the public Internet.  Unlike VLANs, perimeter firewall rules, and network security ACLs our secure cloud overlay can be set up in days instead of months.  There is no rip and replace; instead we coexist and manage.  As an added bonus this ensures the same and greater protection than the traditional approach to network security.


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