Many organizations use AlienVault USM Anywhere because it’s no longer a matter of IF, but WHEN you will be attacked. While this is a great tool, what if you want to outsource the monitoring of your AlienVault USM Anywhere? Find out how Cybriant can help.

What is AlienVault USM Anywhere?

If you have not heard about AlienVault USM Anywhere, “it is a cloud-based security monitoring platform, it combines the necessary security capabilities needed for effective threat detection, compliance management and incident response. USM Anywhere monitors cloud, on-premises environment and a hybrid cloud all from one pane of glass. People can sign on and start detecting security threats in just minutes, because it is delivered as a service.”

AlienVault® has introduced this comprehensive security management approach with Unified Security Management ™, the first USM product known as the USM Appliance™. USM Appliance become effective threat detection and response to the companies of all sizes, specifically for those with limited resources like time, budget, or staff.

Is AlienVault a SIEM?

AlienVault USM Anywhere is more than a single-purpose SIEM. Single-purpose SIEM software solutions and log management tools provide valuable security information, but often require expensive and time-consuming integration efforts to bring in log files from disparate sources such as asset inventory, vulnerability assessment, endpoint agents, and IDS products.

Once you have the data, you then must research and write correlation rules to identify threats in your environment. These challenges multiply as you migrate workloads and services from on-premises infrastructure to public cloud environments.

For today’s resource-strapped IT teams, the time and expense required to deploy a SIEM seriously delays their time to threat detection, and thus, return on investment.

Monitoring Cloud Environments with USM Anywhere

We have seen a number of tectonic shifts happening in the IT world, and these changes helped us to build a new product. Firstly, our consumers were moving their infrastructure to cloud, which was a trend in the past years.

Cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure go far beyond the experimental phase. In early cloud infrastructure, early adopters were developers who wanted to bypass IT and build applications quickly, without being constrained by IT rules. Of course, when developers succeeded and started providing apps to the cloud, these experiments became a production environment that suddenly required all of their IT rules.

IT professionals who have inherited these cloud infrastructure environments have begun to seek solutions that monitor the cloud environment. Finding security tools that were truly designed to monitor threats in the cloud environment was difficult for them. You can monitor servers running in the cloud, but you don’t really “know” that you are in the cloud and monitor all new elements of the cloud environment that weren’t in the traditional cloud environment I cannot do it. Data center. In addition, it often does not work in cloud and on-premises environments. With this disconnect, IT security professionals need to implement two sailed security systems.

As a result, when we started our journey on cloud security, we realized that we needed to build something from scratch to natively and centrally monitor both cloud security and on-premises security. That is USM Anywhere. Each sensor has some common features for communicating with the USM Anywhere Secure Cloud, but most often leverages specific knowledge of the infrastructure built to monitor. For example, USM Anywhere is “aware” of AWS CloudTrail. Simply allow access from the sensor and your AWS environment will start searching for threats. The same applies to Azure.

The Move from USM Appliance to USM Anywhere

With the early success of the USM appliance’s integrated security approach, customers knew they needed a single piece of glass to monitor all critical infrastructure, so they made a big decision on how to deliver USM Anywhere. Faced Here is another big change in IT. Not only is infrastructure moving to the cloud, but in fact almost everything is moving to the cloud. In practice, most applications are software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, as SaaS vendors can achieve a single application scale economy that eliminates even the best performing IT shops. If provided, it will be more cost effective. That calculation also applies to security vendors.

Customers say they love USM appliances because they solve security challenges. USM Anywhere can be deployed faster and it is easier to use. And it offers the same critical approach to integrated security to address today’s rapidly evolving security challenges. As a result, you can start detecting threats faster while significantly reducing your total cost of ownership.

AlienVault USM Anywhere Benefits

AlienVault manages the USM Anywhere Secure Cloud so you don’t have to worry about system upgrades, uptime, scalability, or the security of the system itself. We handle them all for you. For that purpose, simply drop the sensor into your environment and log in to your USM Anywhere account to start managing incident response and security analytics.

The USM platform stands up to the most sophisticated, expensive, enterprise-level SIEM product – but is fast, affordable and easy-to-use. Plus, you get automatic threat hunting with continuous threat intelligence that fuels early threat detection so you can focus on fast response. AlienVault USM has helped thousands of organizations get these key insights, starting on Day 1:

  • Identify vulnerabilities like unpatched software or insecure configurations
  • Discover all IP-enabled assets on your network
  • Detect network scans and malware like botnets, trojans & rootkits
  • Speed incident response with built-in remediation guidance for every alert
  • Generate accurate compliance reports for PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2 and more

AlienVault USM Anywhere Pricing

When we talk about the pricing of USM Anywhere, it offers the most affordable prices which may fit to any kind of budget. By working with a certified partner like Cybriant, you will receive the best pricing and benefits.

AlienVault USM Anywhere Outsourced Monitoring

USM Anywhere detects malicious activity by correlating threat indicators, including the latest breach indicators that have contributed to the Open Threat Exchange community. But, how do you handle all the alerts that you receive? Is your team able to respond to those threats in a timely manner? Does ever alert need a response?

Before you can effectively monitor your AlienVault USM Anywhere instance, your SIEM needs to be properly tuned. Once tuned, you are able to filter out all the false positive alerts so you can focus on critical alerts.

Do you have staff that can monitor those alerts around the clock? Cybriant security operations center monitors AlienVault USM Anywhere instances for hundreds of clients. Many clients prefer the price level of AlienVault USM Anywhere but are then overwhelmed by the management of their SIEM.

Our primary expertise is with AlienVault. If you have any questions, about how we can help, let’s talk soon.

Why Cybriant?

Our team is committed to helping companies improve their security posture with our 24/7 Managed SIEM. From SIEM deployment to log management to incident response to filling a skills gap on your security team, Cybriant has you covered.

Our Managed Security Services helps businesses gain visibility, meet compliance, and lower overall IT Security costs. If you are looking for more than Managed SIEM, consider PREtect that covers all your cybersecurity needs.

Our services include:

  • Managed SIEM
  • Managed Detection and Remediation (MDR)
  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Management
  • Mobile Threat Defense
  • Assessments
  • Mobile Security Risk Assessments
  • vCISO
  • Incident Response and Containment Services

“The resources I get from Cybriant are very knowledgeable and get my issues fixed. They have the experience to solve my immediate problem and can make recommendations on how to avoid similar issues in the future.” – Security Analyst, National Insurance Association

Getting started with Cybriant is simple!  Contact us to set up a conversation with a valued member of our team.


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