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While there are many benefits to using an MSSP, optimizing your network security is one of the top ways. Check out the 5 ways an MSSP can help by optimizing your network.  Read More

While there are many benefits to using an MSSP, optimizing your network security is one of the top ways. Check out the 5 ways an MSSP can help by optimizing your network. 

Network security is always a main topic of concern due to the ever-growing number of cyber threats in the workplace. Trying to handle network security on your own is a time-consuming process that can quickly overwhelm many business owners. However, choosing to outsource your IT needs with an MSSP can play a key role in maximizing security for your company.

How Can an MSSP Optimize Your Network?

Here are five ways that a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) can optimize network security for your small business.

#1 Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management is essential in today’s work environment, as employees are increasingly using tablets, laptops, and smartphones for work-related purposes. Mobile device management from an IT security service provider like Cybriant offers a variety of features, such as application whitelisting and blacklisting, data encryption, and remote wiping services. Mobile device management also allows an IT provider to monitor employee activity while giving your network an added layer of security.

Through our Managed Detection and Remediation service, your endpoints are protected with 24/7 monitoring and incident remediation. We can detect, block, and contain malware before it can execute and cause damage.

#2 Around the Clock Monitoring

Around-the-clock network monitoring from an MSSP plays a crucial role in proactively identifying cyber threats. These network monitoring services maximize uptime for your company to ensure that your employees always remain productive. An IT service provider can also quickly identify suspicious activity on the network to limit the damage of a cyber attack.

Cybriant has taken around-the-clock monitoring another step and created CybriantXDR With this tiered service offering, we can monitor your siem, networks, update patches and vulnerabilities, as well as detect and remediate any issues with your endpoints. It’s an all-in-one service that will help reduce your organization’s threat landscape.

#3 Automatic Security Updates, Vulnerability Scans, and Patch Management

An IT service provider can optimize network security by automatically downloading and installing the most recent software and security updates. These updates play a crucial role in improving software functions while also repairing any potential security vulnerabilities. Downloading these security updates as soon as possible is always a top priority to keep your business well-protected from the ever-evolving number of cyber threats.

While vulnerability scans and patch management seem like a simple tasks that your team should take care of, it is an often overlooked, menial task that has caused some of the biggest hacks in cybersecurity history.

#4 IT Security Awareness Training

Educating employees on the latest cybersecurity topics is critical in keeping your network safe and secure. A managed service provider can offer these employee education seminars on a routine basis to limit the number of mistakes in the workplace. These classes are a great way for employees to learn simple yet highly effective tips to increase network security and avoid becoming a victim of cybercriminals.

Companies like KnowBe4 offer security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks so you know your most phish-prone employees and can offer those employees more training.

#5 Creation of Data Backups

A network crash can cause you to lose a significant amount of data and devastate the reputation of your company. However, you can stay prepared for this worst-case scenario by using an MSSP that offers data backup and recovery services. An IT service provider will automatically upload all of your critical information to the cloud for added protection. A managed service provider will also create an incident response plan to handle a variety of situations to ensure that your company is always well-prepared.

Optimizing network security is always a high priority with a managed service provider. Mobile device management, around-the-clock monitoring, automatic updates, employee education, and data backup services are only a few ways an IT service provider can maximize uptime for your network. Cyber threats will never stop evolving, but your MSSP plays a vital role in keeping your network secure at all times.


No matter the size of your organization, you need a formal security strategy starting with a framework. But, most organizations aren’t able to afford the type of security tools and services necessary to protect their data and networks. By outsourcing to an MSSP like Cybriant, you can get enterprise-level security at a fraction of the cost.

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