Beyond the significant health impacts of the coronavirus, you and many other folks in our industry must now effectively secure large numbers of telecommuting co-workers.

Recognizing these are difficult times, we encourage you to join Tenable at 11am ET, March 27, 2020 for research insights and best practices that will help you better understand and address the cybersecurity impacts of COVID-19.

Topics covered during this webinar will include:

  • Fresh insights from the Tenable Security Response Team into the latest threats, vulns and exploits associated with the coronavirus
  • Effective approaches for achieving complete scan coverage of remote employees and endpoints
  • Prioritization strategies to optimize effort and impact
  • And, get your questions answered during live Q&A

All Infosec and IT professionals interested in gaining fresh insights and expert advice to better understand and address the cybersecurity impacts of COVID-19 are encouraged to attend this webinar.

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March 27, 2020
11 AM ET