Interested in learning more about cybersecurity concerns facing healthcare organizations? Read more about the top three issues that healthcare organizations face daily. 

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Technology offers the healthcare industry massive benefits but also poses many risks. 

These risks can lead to data breaches that damage the reputation of your company while also forcing you to pay significant fines. Cybercriminals continually devise new schemes to gain access to patient information, and these threats only continue to grow more complex.

However, an outsourced security service provider like Cybriant can play a crucial role in keeping all of your patient information well-protected while ensuring that your IT infrastructure is operating efficiently without any potential security concerns.

Here are the top three cybersecurity issues that healthcare organizations face each day.

#1 Maintaining HIPAA Compliance 

Following all of the HIPAA compliance regulations is a top priority for any healthcare organization. Addressing any potential vulnerabilities and continually assessing your system is essential in keeping Patient Health Information (PHI) secure. An IT service provider gives your company the best protection against cyber criminals while continually looking for ways to improve your IT security. A managed service provider can also create a detailed plan HIPAA compliance checklist to ensure that you avoid cybersecurity incidents that can result in costly violations.

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#2 Preventing Ransomware and Phishing Scams

A managed IT service provider can play a crucial role in keeping your healthcare company safe from ransomware and phishing scams. These cybersecurity threats can result in significant data breaches while also costing your organization thousands of dollars. Employee security awareness training is one of the most powerful ways to counteract these threats, as it educates employees on the best way to handle a wide range of situations. Cloud computing can also play a key role in preventing the success of a ransomware scheme by allowing you to access data backups from an off-site cloud server.

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#3 Keeping Medical Devices Secure from Hackers

Medical devices use the latest technology to provide invaluable services to each patient. However, these medical devices are prone to numerous vulnerabilities, especially with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT). A managed service provider can implement various security controls to ensure that these devices remain secure and out of the hands of hackers.

Encrypting communication with these devices and developing authentication services are all key steps in protecting medical devices from malicious threats. An IT service provider can also routinely monitor these devices to ensure that everything is working correctly without any unusual activity.

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Cybersecurity Concerns Facing Healthcare

Technology plays a key part in the success of healthcare organizations across the entire globe. Understanding these various cybersecurity concerns facing healthcare is essential in keeping all of your patient data confidential and out of the hands of cybercriminals. A managed IT service provider will ensure that you remain in HIPAA compliance, prevent cybersecurity attacks, and keep all of your medical devices safe from cybercriminals. Staying up to date with the latest tech in the industry and keeping all of your information secure is one of the main advantages of using an IT provider in the healthcare industry.

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