Jason Hill Selected to Speak at Chicago IIA/ISACA 5th Annual Hacking & Cybersecurity Conference

jason hill
Jason Hill, Cybriant's Director of Strategic Services, will speak on compliance at the two-day information security and cybersecurity conference... Read More

Jason Hill, Cybriant’s Director of Strategic Services, is slated to speak at the Chicago IIA/ISACA 5th Annual Hacking & Cybersecurity Conference on September 10-11, 2018 in Chicago, IL.

The conference is a two-day event containing the most real-world application of Information Security and Cybersecurity knowledge and skills that can be applied to the world of Internal Audit, IT Audit, InfoSec, Risk, and Compliance. This year’s theme addresses emerging threats by discussing solutions and how the union of Audit, InfoSec, and Risk/Compliance departments creates a strong force, allowing the united enterprise to strike back against cyber threats. Following the success of last year’s event, the dual-track format featuring concurrent technical and non-technical tracks is offered again for the 2018 conference.

Mr. Hill will present a management and audit session.

His presentation, “The Compliance Saga Continues…How to Go from Jar Jar Binks to Han Solo” will discuss how it seems there is a never-ending stream of acronyms that businesses now must learn and understand in order to be “compliant.” By taking a step back and creating a compliance baseline, you’ll be able to quiet the noise and provide a clear path towards meeting existing and yet to come compliance matrices.

For more information on the Chicago IIA/ISACA 5th Annual Hacking & Cybersecurity Conference please go to https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ereg/index.php?eventid=350132&eb=565886

About Jason Hill 

With over 16 years of experience in the areas of IT Security, Infrastructure and Managed Services, Mr. Hill is an accomplished security consultant and security trainer. He has personally completed over 30 risk assessments utilizing the NIST-CSF and ISO 27001 frameworks. As an accomplished InfoSec speaker, He is also a leading certified instructor for AlienVault having delivered over 50 classes to end-users and MSSPS around the globe and across all industry verticals. And as a certified AlienVault engineer, he has also personally performed over 100 professional service engagements assisting companies in the implementation of AlienVault technology.

About Cybriant 

Cybriant assists companies in making informed business decisions and sustaining effectiveness in the design, implementation, and operation of their cyber risk management programs. We deliver a comprehensive and customizable set of strategic and managed cybersecurity services. These services include Risk Assessments and vCISO, 24/7 Managed SIEM with LIVE Monitoring and Analysis, 24/7 Managed EDR, 24/7 Real-Time Vulnerability Scanning, and Patch Management. We make enterprise-grade cyber security strategy and tactics accessible to the Mid-Market and beyond. Find out more at https://www.cybriant.com

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