Cyber Risk Management Solutions

Incident Response

Minimize the Impact of a Breach with a Proactive Plan

A security incident response plan focuses on day-to-day security issues, such as routine malware infections and distributed denial-of-service attacks.

Plan today for a security incident tomorrow. With Cybriant’s Incident Response service, your organization can reduce the chance of incidents escalating into a crisis.

What steps will you take when an incident occurs? When an unplanned event occurs, especially one that threatens your organization, you must respond quickly and in an organized fashion. An incident response plan helps you do just that. It minimizes chaos through an organized structure and sequence of activities.

Your Incident Response plan will include tactical aspects based on NIST 800-61. These comprehensive plans will include real-world incident scenarios with annual testing. The more you test and refine the security incident response plan, the more management will have confidence that when a major incident does occur, the enterprise is ready — greatly mitigating the risk of affecting its viability.









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