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ethical hacking benefits
Ethical hacking will help you keep you understand your enemies. Here are 5 reasons to consider how hacking can help your business. Read More

Understand your enemy with these ethical hacking benefits.  Here are 5 reasons to consider how hacking can help your business.


From coast to coast and in countries around the world, businesses are spending millions of dollars and countless IT hours to keep hackers out of their computers. So, it may seem counterintuitive that some businesses are welcoming the hackers with open arms.

It may seem strange, but businesses are using ethical hackers to identify weak points in their cyber defenses, provide valuable insights into the actions of their less ethical counterparts and create better, stronger and more resilient networks.

If you do not think that a hacker could help your business instead of hurting it, you may want to rethink those assumptions. Here are five business benefits ethical hackers can bring to your organization.

#1. They Know How the Bad Guys Think

Even if you have an IT background, getting inside the mind of a hacker can be a real challenge. Failing to understand how hackers think and what they want could be devastating to your business, and the bad guys are ready to exploit your blind spots.

They may be ethical in their actions, but white hat hackers know what makes their less scrupulous counterparts tick. They understand how hackers operate, and they can use that knowledge to protect your network for intrusion.

#2. They Know Where to Look

Each business network is amazingly complex, with interconnected computers, mobile devices, home-based workers and traveling employees logging on from the road.

Knowing what to look for when assessing cyber security can be a real challenge, but ethical hackers know where to start and where potential weak spots are likely to be hiding.

#3. They Can Expose Weak Spots You Have Overlooked

You may think your network is as secure as possible, but it could have hidden weak spots you do not know about. Those weaknesses may be invisible to you, but an experienced ethical hacker will see them from a mile away.

Finding hidden weaknesses in their cyber defenses is one of the biggest reasons to hire an ethical hacker. These good guy hackers are experts at finding open ports, back doors and other possible entry points into your computer network.

#4. Their Testing Skills are Second to None

Testing and retesting your network is a key part of successful cyber defense, but the success of the strategy rests on the skillfulness of the testers. If the people testing your network do not know what to look for, you could end up with a false sense of security – and a devastating data breach.

When it comes to network testing and intrusion detection, ethical hackers are second to none. With years of experience probing networks for weaknesses, they know how testing should be conducted, so you can rely on the accuracy of the results.

#5. They Can Help You Build a Robust Network from the Start

If you are new to the business world, making an ethical hacker part of your start-up team can help you build a better and more robust network. Building a computer network with built-in security features will vastly reduce your susceptibility to breaches and data theft and employing white hat hackers gives you a major advantage.

Members of the ethical hacker community have seen all kinds of networks, and they understand how those systems should be constructed. If you want to build a network that is fast, scalable and resistant to hacking, these experts can help you do it.

It may seem strange to invite hackers into your company, but the right hackers can actually enhance the security of your organization and your network. Employing ethical hackers is a great way to test your cyber defenses, so you can build a better and safer corporate network.

Ethical Hacking Benefits – Conclusion

When you partner with a cybersecurity firm like Cybriant, we can walk you the benefits of ethical hacking, penetration testing, and gap analyses. Schedule a consultation to understand how we can help you secure your business.

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