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Cybriant adds an array of services that will protect corporate data that is accessed through mobile devices. Learn more about Managed Mobile Threat Defense services from Cybriant. Read More

Cybriant adds an array of services that will protect corporate data that is accessed through mobile devices.

Alpharetta, GA – Cybriant, a leader in cybersecurity services, today announced a new array of services that are intended to protect mobile devices from hackers. These mobile threat defense services include mobile security risk assessments, mobile threat advisory services, and a managed mobile threat defense service with two levels of protection.

Corporate infrastructures have been venturing into the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) world for years often without knowing it. Conditional restrictions are often not in place to prevent access to corporate data deposited in email, SharePoint, calendaring, corporate contacts, and other applications. And even in cases where conditional restrictions may exist, the usage of mobile threat defense software may not be present or utilized on the device.

Contrastingly companies will often stringently secure their corporate laptops and desktops with MDR solutions, SIEM agents, and vulnerability management solutions. The difference in approaches to BYOD devices versus corporate-managed devices is troubling because BYOD devices can often access the same confidential data but without similar safeguards.

“With the recent string of major vulnerabilities discovered in both the Android and Apple iOS ecosystems, it’s becoming more apparent that any device that can access corporate data is a potential avenue for attack,” said Andrew Hamilton, CTO of Cybriant. “These mobile threat defense services offer protection against physical threats, network threats, as well as vulnerabilities and unknown threats.”

Cybriant’s Mobile Threat Defense services take a step beyond enterprise mobility management (EMM) and mobile device management (MDM) by including 24/7 live monitoring.

“Our security team has the ability to track threats using AI and stop a malware attack before it can execute”, said Mr. Hamilton. “Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are seeing an increase in mobile device attacks since workers are working remotely. This service has been invaluable to organizations with highly sensitive information that employees access on their mobile devices.”

For more information on the mobile threat defense services available, please go to https://cybriant.com/managed-mobile-threat-defense/.

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