What is next-generation SIEM?

A Next-Gen SIEM takes all the positive attributes of a traditional SIEM solution and adds additional value using AI and machine learning. For example, the power of next-gen SIEM helps our team stop brute force attacks, compromised credentials, and insider threats before critical data is accessed. Traditional or Legacy SIEMs can’t promise this. 

Using a next-gen SIEM with 24/7 LIVE Security Monitoring and Analysis with Actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence will ingest both log and flow data – it uses threat models to determine the threats.

These are complicated models that can detect and match threat behaviors to a particular type of threat such as a DDoS attack vs. a brute force attack, malware infection, APTs loss of credentials, or insider attack. It will leverage but not rely on the proper use of Machine Learning to pick out behaviors that are not normal for the device, application or user, and correlate these events with other rule triggers that can be correlated into a threat model- once a match is found an alert is built that continues to aggregate individual threat behaviors under the Single Line Alert on the UI – this is vs. 100s to 1000s of lines generated by a SIEM beforehand filtering.

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