Maintain a Healthy Network with Patch Management

Fix the Vulnerabilities that Create Security Weaknesses

Missing Security Patches

Our Responsive Patch Management solution will scan your systems, check for missing and available patches against our comprehensive vulnerability database, download and deploy missing patches and service packs, and generate reports to effectively manage the patch management process of the enterprise.

Many Systems, Multiple Platforms

Our Responsive Patch Management solution handles every aspect of Windows, Mac, Linux and third-party application patch management. This includes deploying patches seamlessly across desktops, laptops, servers, roaming devices and virtual machines, from a single interface.

Increased Compliance Restraints

Our Responsive Patch Management solution will update the configuration baseline definitions to include the new patches, regularly analyze to assure that all endpoints remain in compliance, identify improvements and customize the patch management process accordingly.

Responsive Patch Management to Mitigate the Risk of being Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

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Responsive Patch Management Features

Automatic System Discovery

Patch Deployment


Online Vulnerability Database

Patch Reports


Approval of Patches

Severity-Based Patch Management

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Why Responsive Patch Management? Immediate Benefits to You Include:


Patches for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Third-Party


Complete Patch Management Solution for both physical and virtual assets


Solution for detecting the missing patches/hotfix to deploying the patches


System-based patch deployment - Deploy all the missing patches and hotfixes for a system


Provision to test and approve patches prior to bulk deployment


Periodic updates on the patch deployment status


Support for both Microsoft and Non-Microsoft Patches.


Exhaustive reports on system vulnerabilities, patches, OS, etc.

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