Managed SIEM with Security Monitoring

Is Managed SIEM Right For You?
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Consider Outsourcing the Management of your SIEM

At this point, you’ve decided that a SIEM is right for you. Here are three critical points to consider when deciding to deploy in-house or through a professional security services provider like Cybriant:

Not Plug and Play

A SIEM is a complex tool that requires expertise to implement and maintain. To be effective, a SIEM has to be constantly updated and customized because external threats and internal environments are constantly changing.

It requires experienced security engineering to tune the SIEM to minimize false positive alerts and maximize the efficient detection of real breaches or malicious behavior. 

Managing a SIEM ain't easy

Utilizing and managing a SIEM in-house is typically reserved for large organizations that have the budget for developing a large, specialized team.

Deploying a fully managed SIEM also means that your team consists of security analysts that oversee your system around the clock and calendar. This is their one and only dedicated job, and not an additional task for an already overworked engineer.

Data Overload

SIEMs ingest the logs and events from all the devices in your network. Just imagine the amount of data that is produced by all of your connected devices. 

Security analysts must know what to look for in all this data. Utilizing a SIEM makes it easier to correlate the data, but understanding what type of alerts and suspicious activities to look for is a specialized craft. 

What Happens When You Outsource the Management of a SIEM?

One thing that most people in the industry can agree on – SIEM implementations are tough, invasive, and time-consuming. Each device must be touched, configured, and coordinated – this is a painstaking step that can’t be avoided. Then, the data starts flowing and you must have the expertise to use it. 

Here’s what to expect after your initial install when you outsource the management of your SIEM to Cybriant: 

SIEM Customization

Remediation Guidance

SIEM Optimization

Executive Reports


24/7 Analysis and Alerting


Periodic Healthchecks

Let’s Talk Alerts

Along with volumes of data come alerts, which in improperly tuned environments are often false alarms. When you work with Cybriant, our security engineers will tune the environment to squelch the noise created by false alarms, then on an ongoing basis, our analysts will determine which alarms are critical alerts.

Our team will look at any suspicious activity and determine which level of alert this activity falls under. When we identify a critical alert, we will open a ticket and follow a pre-defined escalation path informing the appropriate people in your organization with the information they need to take effective action.

It’s very important to understand how an MSSP handles the alarms on your system. Many companies simply forward an alarm no matter the level of criticality and then expect you to respond as you deem fit.

What differentiates Cybriant is that our security experts will only engage your resources on alarms determined to be critical alerts while also providing detailed instruction on the actions required to remediate the event


After deployment of Cybriant’s Managed SIEM and 24/7 Monitoring Service, you will have cadenced calls to review the activity and metrics reported by the service. Having informative reports will aid the maturing of your security program and provide you the information necessary to communicate the effectiveness of your program to business leadership.

If you think your organization can benefit from this service model, let’s have a discovery call to design the right solution for your specific environment and security needs.

Insource vs. Outsource

Consider the cost comparison for building a 24/7 security operations center.

Reasons to Consider Managed SIEM:


Talent Search

Finding and maintaining experienced SIEM/SOC Security Analysts is NOT EASY (and also expensive).

Faster time to business value

You could build it, but it will take much longer than outsourcing to an MSSP

Long-term ROI

You are getting everything from an MSSP only at a fraction of what you could spend internally

Scalable and Flexible

Needs 24×7 monitoring? OK. Only need monitoring 5 days a week? Got it. Need to add 1000 new endpoints? No prob.

Greater Threat Intelligence

We’ve been doing this awhile and we’ve seen a lot of things. Tap into our intelligence so that it benefits your organization.

Are you ready to cut costs and minimize headaches?